Things to Do in Asia

  • 09/11/2022

From the Mediterranean Sea to the Pacific Ocean, Asia is the largest and most populous continent in the world. It’s comprised of over 40 countries, each with their own unique identities and natural landscapes.

Visitors flock to Asia for its amazing backpacking opportunities and fascinating history, and stay for its diverse foods and friendly people. Explore vast countries like China and India, which would take over a lifetime to cover in their entirety, and you’ll only have 46 countries to check off after that.

Southeast Asia, including countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam, are also hot destinations right now, but there’s so much more than meets the eye across Asia. Get lost in world-class cities like Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. Immerse yourself in the pleasures of life from the Maldives or Bali. Explore historic and cultural sites in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Oman. In a continent so expansive, you can plan to visit anytime of year and find something cool and unique to do.
Top Experiences in Asia

Here are my top picks for bucket list experiences and things to do across this enormous continent:

    Go backpacking in Southeast Asia
    Visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia
    Catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji during cherry blossom season
    Go sightseeing from the top of the 160-story Burj Khalifa
    Eat your way through Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore, and Taipei
    Trek the Great Wall of China
    Marvel at the iconic Taj Mahal in India
    Explore Central Asia’s Silk Road
    Go island hopping in the Maldives
    Tour the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
    Visit the cliffside monasteries in Bhutan
    Immerse yourself in the ancient city of Petra

Looking for more unique places and experiences across this beautiful continent? You’ve come to the right place. Here are my travel guides, itineraries, and other articles of Asia

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